Rover 3.5 Litre
Owner's Maintenance Manual
Incorporating: Saloon and Coupé models

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Solihull, Warwickshire, England

Factory Service Department
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Specification details set out in this handbook apply to a range of vehicles and not to any particular vehicle. For the specification of any particular vehicle owners should consult their Distributor or Dealer.
The Manufacturers reserve the right to vary their specifications with or without notice, and at such times and in such manner as they think fit. Major as well as minor changes may be involved in accordance with the Manufacturer's policy of constant product improvement.
Whilst every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of the particulars contained in this Handbook, neither the Manufacturer nor the Distributor or Dealer by whom this Handbook is supplied, shall in any circumstances be held liable for any inaccuracy or the consequences thereof.

This book has been prepared to provide supplementary information to that contained in the Owner's Instruction book. Its intention is to give clear and simple information necessary for the efficient care and maintenance of your car.

The book is divided into three sections:
Part 1 Routine maintenance and adjustments.
Part 2 Electrical equipment, bodywork, etc.
Part 3 General data and index to Parts 1 and 2.

The new car pre-delivery check will have been carried out by the Distributor or
Dealer responsible for the sale of the car, with certification in the Passport to Service that the work has been done.
The routine maintenance of this car has been kept down to a minimum and can, if desired, be carried out by owners without special tools. Any work beyond that detailed in this book should be entrusted to Rover Distributors or Dealers who are equipped and prepared also to carry out the routine maintenance.
The Rover Company is always prepared to give advice on maintenance or other matters to individual owners, but any correspondence with the Company must bear the chassis or car number which will be found on a plate affixed to the left-hand front door pillar.

Notes on general maintenance

Lubrication and maintenance are necessary to keep any car In good mechanical condition. All the items which require regular maintenance as detailed in the Maintenance Section are shown in Part One of this book in terms of mileage which would apply in a temperate climate. Climatic and operating conditions affect maintenance intervals to a large extent; in many cases, therefore, the determination of such intervals must be left to the good judgment of the owner or to advice from a Rover Distributor or Dealer, but the recommendations will serve as a firm basis for maintenance work.

Of particular importance in this connection are the undermentioned items:
1 Every 1.000 km (750 miles) check engine oil level, power steering oil level and water level in radiator and windscreen washer reservoir.
2 Drain and refill engine sump and change the oil filter every 10.000 km (6,000 miles) or six months, whichever comes first.
3 Every month and at every maintenance inspection check tyre pressures and inspect tyre treads; when high-speed touring the tyre pressures should be checked much more frequently, even to the extent of a daily check. If front wheel tread wear is uneven, check wheel alignment.
4 Every month and at every maintenance inspection check brake fluid level and battery acid level.
5 Owners are under a legal obligation to maintain all exterior lights in good working order, this also applies to headlamp beam setting, which should be checked at regular intervals by a Rover Distributor or Dealer.

Fuel recommendations
The Rover 3.5 litre V8 engine is designed to run on 100 octane fuel, five star grade in the United Kingdom. See Owner's Instruction Manual for special advice when touring.

The recommended lubricants have been found suitable for Rover cars and should be used whenever possible in the grades specified. When ordering oil, the correct grade, as well as the make, should be clearly stated.
The Rover Company attaches very great importance to the nature of the lubricants used in its products and therefore gives specific recommendations as detailed later.
The oils recommended by The Rover Company are complete in themselves and additives should not be used.
Should any of the recommended lubricants not be available in certain overseas territories, the Rover Distributor or Dealer for that territory will obtain specific guidance from The Rover Company, or owners may communicate with the Company where they so wish.

Under adverse conditions, such as driving over dusty roads or where short stop-start runs are made, oil changes, attention to the engine flame traps and breather filter replacement must be more frequent.
Air Cleaner
When the car is driven in dense city traffic or over dusty roads the elements should be changed more frequently.
Propeller shaft
Under tropical or sandy and dusty conditions, the sliding joint must be lubricated frequently to prevent ingress of abrasive materials.

Rover parts
It is important that you should recognise the necessity of using only genuine Rover Parts or Rover Approved Parts when repair or maintenance work is being carried out on your car.
Rover parts are produced to the same high standard as those parts built into the car in its original production and it is in your best interests that you should insist that only genuine Rover Parts or Rover Approved Parts are fitted to your car.

Recommended lubricants and fluids
These recommendations apply to temperate climates where operational temperatures may vary between approximately -1O degrees C (14 degrees F) and 32 degrees C (9O degrees F).
Information on recommended lubricants for use under extreme winter or tropical conditions can be obtained from The Rover Co. Ltd, Technical Service Department, or your local Distributor or Dealer.


ENGINE   Super Visco-Static1OW-40 GTX Q20-50 Motor Oil ESSO Motor Oil 20W/50 SUPER OR SPECIAL 20W-50 Havoline 20-20W OR 20W-50 Super
REAR AXEL                
PROPELLER SHAFT, SLIDING SPLINE, FRONT HUBS, REAR SPRING AND FRONT TORSION BAR SLEVES   Energrease L2 Castrolease LM LB10 Grease Multi-purpose grease H Mobilgrease MP or Mobilgrease special Marfak Multi-purpose 2 Retinax A OR DARINA AX

Castrol Girhng Brake and Clutch Fluid Crimson, SPECIFICATION J. 1703

ANTI-FREEZE SOLUTION Any good quality glycol-base anti-freeze solution conforming to British Standard No. 3150