This section of the book gives details of headlamp light unit and bulb changing, circuit diagram, seat adjustment and jacking points, etc.

To replace light unit or bulb:
1 Insert a screwdriver under the rim at the bottom of the lamp and gently lever off the rim. Take care not to damage the paintwork.
2 Remove the dust excluder retained by three recessed-head screws.
3 Sealed-beam type: Withdraw the headlamp unit and disconnect the plug at the rear. Replace the unit and reassemble.
4 Replacement bulb type: Press in the light unit against the tension of the springs on the three adjustment screws, turn it anticlockwise and withdraw. Release spring clips and move bulb holder; the bulb can then be replaced and the unit reassembled.
5 All types: Ensure that the headlamp rim is pushed right on to the retaining clips.

Fog lamps
To replace light unit:
1 Slacken retaining screw.
2 Withdraw rim comolete with light unit
3 Disconnect leads from light unit
4 Release spring clips and separate light unit from rim.
5 Fit new light unit, then reverse removal procedure.

Fog lamps
A-Retaining screw for rim
B-Clip retaining light unit
C-Light unit
Headlamp light unit replacement
A-Retaining rim
B-Dust excluder
C-Light unit
D-Plug at rear of light unit
E-Insert screwdriver at this point

Wing lamps
To replace side lamp or flasher lamp bulb.

Side lamps:
1 Turn the rim in an anticlockwise direction, and withdraw complete with lens.
2 Renew the bulb, ensure that the washers are in position and refit ~ the lens and rim.
Flasher lamps:

1 Remove the retaining screws and withdraw the lens.
2 Renew bulb and replace lens; ensure washer is in position, then secure with the retaining screws.

Side lamp bulb replacement
B-White lens
Flasher lamp bulb replacement
A-Amber lens
B-Retaining screw

Rear lamps
To replace flasher, stop/tail or number plate illumination bulbs. Stop/tail and flasher lamp:
I Remove retaining screw and lift off the rim.
2 Remove appropriate lens; upper amber for the direction indicator lights, lower red for the stop/tail light. Renew bulb.
3 To replace, locate the lens in the rubber bead.
4 Slip the rim over the retaining clip at the top and replace the securing screw. Ensure that the rubber bead fits snugly round the rim.

Number plate illumination and reversing lamp:
1 Remove two retaining screws and lift off top cover.
2 Remove lens.
3 If necessary, slightly withdraw bulb holder and replace bulb as required.
4 Push bulb holders into position, replace lens and retain by means of the top cover and securing screws.

Rear lamp bulb replacement
A-Amber lens
B-Retaining screw for rim
C-Red lens
Number plate illumination and reversing lamp
A-Retaining screw for rim
D-Number plate illumination bulbs
E-Reverse light bulb

Repeater flasher
To replace bulb:
1 Remove two screws securing lens.
2 Renew bulb and replace lens; ensure washer is in position, then secure with the retaining screws.

Interior lights
To replace interior light bulbs. One lamp above each door:
1 Remove two screws retaining cover.
2 Replace bulb and refit cover.

Repeater flasher
A-Festoon bulb
B-Amber lens
C-Retaining screw
Interior light bulb replacement
A-Festoon bulb
B-Retaining screws

Instrument panel and warning lights

To replace any of the light bulbs:
1 Remove two screws from underside of panel.
2 Swing panel upwards and forwards.
3 Replace bulb as required and refit panel.


To replace clock illumination bulb:
1 Slacken screw beneath clock at underside of facia rail and withdraw clock.
2 Remove bulb holder and replace bulb.
3 Reverse removal procedure.

Panel and warning light bulb replacement
A-Bulb holder
Clock illumination bulb replacement
A-Bulb holder
B-Fixing screw

To regulate Clock:
1 Remove clock, as above.
2 Adjust as required by means of screw at rear of clock.
Clock gaining: turn to - mark
Clock losing: turn to + mark
This regulation should be attempted only if the clock gains or loses more than two or three minutes per week.

Cigar lighter illumination
To replace bulb:
1 Remove the two bolts securing the consol unit, pull unit forward and down.
2 Disconnect leads from cigar lighter.
3 Compress sides of bulb retainer and withdraw unit complete with bulb.
4 Renew bulb, then reverse removall procedure,

Clock adjustment
A-Clock losing, turn to + mark
B-Clock gaining turn to - mark
Cigar lighter
A-Cigar lighter
B-Bulb holder
D-Retainer for bulb holder
E-Consol unit

Rear: Coupé only.
1 Lift ashtray lid, withdraw ashtray.
2 Remove two screws retaining ashtray holder and lift out.
3 Compress sides of bulb retainer and withdraw unit complete with bulb.
4 Renew bulb then reverse removal procedure.

Rear heater switch illumination
To replace bulb:
1 Remove three screws and lift off switch cover.
2 Withdraw bulb holder.
3 Renew bulb, refit holder and replace cover.

Automatic transmission indicator plate illumination bulb
To replace bulb:
1 Unclip indicator plate from gear selector surround.
2 Renew bulb and clip indicator plate back on to the surround.

Rear heater switch
A-Bulb holder
B-Bulb C-Screw fixing cover
D-Switch cover
Automatic transmission indicator plate illumination bulb replacement
A-Indicator plate
B-Festoon bulb

Bonnet light-Coupé models
To replace either of the bonnet light bulbs:
1 Lift the bonnet, then remove two screws retaining glass cover.
2 Replace bulb and refit cover.

Boot light, underside of boot lid
To replace bulb:
1 Lift boot lid.
2 Remove and replace bulb as required

Bonnet light bulb replacement
B-Glass cover
C-Retaining screws
Boot light
B-Bulb holder

Additional instruments-Coupé models
To replace instrument bulb:
1 Slacken screw beneath instrument and withdraw unit.
2 Withdraw the rubber sleeve and bulb holder from the rear of the instrument body.
3 Replace bulb and reverse removal procedure.

The fuses are located on the bulkhead under the bonnet. To replace a fuse:
1 The cover, which indicates the function of each fuse, should be pulled off.
2 Replace fuse as required:
3 Ensure correct replacement is used as detailed above. Replace cover.

A spare 15 amp, 25 amp and 35 amp fuse will be found in the fuse
block cover.

Instrument bulb replacement Coupé models
A-Bulb holder
B-Securing screw
Fuse block

Fuse Number
Fuse Protects
Fuse, Amps
Battery control, that is, clock, cigar lighters,
interior lights, headrest light
Ignition control, that is, stop, reverse and flasher
lights, screen washer, water temperature and
fuel gauges, tachometer, automatic transmission
inhibitor switch, oil pressure transmitter
Parking lights
Side and tail lights
Panel lights
Headlamp RH main beam
Headlamp LH main beam
Headlamp RH dip beam
Headlamp LH dip beam
Screenwiper motor
Heater motor
Fog lamp
In-line fuse for heated backlight