Automatic enrichment device, remove and refit—Operation AA1-27



Workshop hand tools:
Spanner sizes:
0.44 in. x 0.5 in. AF open ended

Automatic enrichment device, remove
1. Disconnect fuel inlet pipe.
2. Pull off the following hoses from their connections on the Automatic enrichment device.
(a) Air inlet hose.
(b) Float chamber vent hose.
(c) Delivery hose to inlet manifold.
3. Remove two bolts and spring washers securing unit to support bracket and lift unit clear.

Automatic enrichment device, replace
1. Reverse removal procedure, ensuring that all hoses are air tight.

Automatic enrichment device
A—Delivery hose to inlet manifold
B—Air intake hose
C—Fuel pipe inlet
D—Bolts fixing Automatic enrichment device to support bracket
E—Float chamber vent pipe
  Fuel and air system for A.E.D., remove and refit—Operation AA1-28

Workshop hand tools:

Spanner sizes: 0.375 in., 0.44 in., 0.56 in ., 0.81 in. and 0.19 in .AF open ended
Phillips screwdriver (medium)
General arrangement of fuel and air system for A.E.D.
  A- Delivery hose
B- Inlet manifold
C- Elbow for air cleaner
D- Rear pipe
E- A.E.D.
F—Fuel filter
G—FueI pipe
H—Balance pipe
i—Upper pipe
K—Hot air pick up

Fuel and air system for A.E.D. to remove

1. Lift the bonnet and prop open.
2. Remove the air cleaner.
3. Depress the spring clips and withdraw the delivery hose from the A.E.D. and inlet manifold.
4. Remove the fuel pipe from the fuel filter, A.E.D. and left-hand float chamber.
5. Withdraw the balance pipe from the A.E.D. and left-hand carburetter adaptor.
6. Release the clip and withdraw the upper pipe from the hot air pick up.
7. Release the clip and withdraw the rear pipe from the hot air pick up.
8. Disconnect the front exhaust pipe from the left-hand exhaust manifold.
9. Withdraw the leads from the spark plugs.
10. Remove the left-hand exhaust manifold.
11. Remove the hot aor pick up, together with gasket, from the left-hand exhaust manifold

Fuel and air system for A.E.D. to refit
1. Fit the hot air pick-up, together with a gasket, to the left-hand exhaust manifold. Ensure that the front pipe faces upward when the cover plate is fitted, then engage the tab washers.
        Fitting hot air pick-up
A—Hot air pick-up
B—Fixings far hot air pick-up
D—Exhaust manifold
2. Fit the exhaust manifold assembly to the engine. Tighten the eight manifold securing bolts to a torque figure of 10 to 15 lb ft (1,4 to 2,0 mkg). DO NOT overtighten. Engage the lockplates.
Exhaust manifold
A—Exhaust manifold with hot air pick-up fitted
B—Fixings, manifold to engine
C-Front exhaust pipe left-hand
D-Fixings, front exhaust pipe to manifold
3. Connect the front exhaust pipe to the manifold.
4. Replace the leads on the sparking plugs.
5. Fit the rear pipe and hoses to the rear end of the hot air pick-up. Clip rear pipe to the rear face of the engine, noting that there may be other items clipped at the same point.
  Rear air pipe
A—Air intake elbow
B—Hose for air cleaner and rear pipe
C—Hot air pick-up
D—Hose, hot air pick-up to rear pipe
E—Fixings for rear pipe
F—Rear pipe

6. Fit the connecting pipe and hoses between the front end of the hot air pick-up and the A.E.D. Clipthe upper pipe to the rocker cover.

Upper air pipe
B—Hose for connecting pipe
C—Connection pipe, hot air pick-up to A.E.D.
D—Clip for upper pipe
E—Fixings for clip
F—Upper pipe from hot air pick-up
    7. Fit the balance pipe between the A.E.D. and the left-hand carburetter adaptor.
8. Fit the fuel pipe between the fuel filter, A.E.D. and the left-hand float chamber.
Fuel and balance pipes
A—A.E. D.
B—Fuel pipe
C—Float chamber
Fuel and balance pipes
D—Adaptor, LH carburetter
E—Fuel filter
F—Balance pipe
9. Fit the delivery hose between the inlet manifold and A.E.D., retain with a spring clip at each end.
10. Fit the air cleaner, ensuring that the engine breather pipe is connected at the rear.
11. Attach the rear pipe hose to the adaptor at the rear of the left-hand air cleaner elbow.
12. Close the bonnet and carry out engine start to check operation of A.E.D.

Enrichment supply pipe
A—Adaptor at inlet manifold
B—Delivery hose