Automatic enrichment device, filter cleaning: Operation N/Q-23A


Workshop hand tools:
Spanner size: 0.8125 in. AF, open ended

To clean nylon filter, float chamber lid and float chamber proceed as follows:
1. Remove fuel inlet pipe and float chamber vent pipe.
2. Remove heat insulation cover.
3. Unscrew plug from float chamber lid and remove filter.
4. Remove three retaining screws and washers. Tap side of float chamber lid sharply with screwdriver handle if necessary to separate from gasket.

Carefully lift lid of float chamber and remove needle and float assembly. If the gasket is damaged or unserviceable cut along edge of body and remove float chamber portion. Do not remove screws holding top cover and valve body. Thoroughly clean float chamber lid and float chamber.

            Float chamber lid removal
A—Plug and washer for filter
B—Nylon filter
C—Float chamber lid
E—Gasket for float chamber, cut at dotted line if replacement is required
G—Screw and washer fixing float chamber lid
H—Fuel inlet pipe
J—Float chamber vent pipe K—Air intake hose
5. Examine float needle tip for wear or damage. Examine seating in lid. Replace any faulty parts.
6. If gasket has been cut and part removed, obtain a new float chamber and valve body gasket and cut and fit adjacent to the existing valve body gasket.
7. Install float in main body and check for end-float of hinge pin in body and clearance around the float. Remove float. Place cut gasket into position on main body.
8. Drop needle into seating of inverted float chamber lid. Then ensure the float needle is correctly located on float lever by wire stirrup.

Holding the float assembly to face of lid with the tip of steel rule or feeler gauge, position the lid over the float chamber close enough to allow the float assembly to be dropped so that the hinge pin falls into the recesses in the body without disengaging the needle from the seating bore.

  Float replacement in lid
A—Float held against face of lid with steel rule or feeler gauge
B—Stirrup on float needle
D—Float needle
E—Float chamber lid
Lower the lid on to the main body align screw holes, fit three screws and spring washers and

9. Clean and then replace the filter in the float chamber lid. Using a new aluminium washer, refit plug and tighten.

    Float replacement in body
A—Plug and washer retaining nylon filter
B—Nylon filter
C—Screw and washer fixing float chamber lid
D—Float chamber lid
F—Ensure hinge pin falls into recesses of body