Instructions are given in this book for items of routine maintenance to which due attention should be paid if smooth and efficient running is to be ensured.

In addition, however, there may be times when additional information is desired, either on repair work beyond the scope of this manual or when some difficulty is experienced.

We are always pleased to give such cases our special attention and to reply as fully as possible to any queries you may raise by letter or when you visit either of our Service Depots at Solihull and London.

Complete instructions can be supplied for any operation which you may desire to carry out on your car; alternatively a complete Workshop Manual is available from any Rover distributor or dealer.

In the event of replacements being required, they should be obtained through the nearest Rover distributor or dealer.

Should you contemplate taking your car overseas, we can give assistance both from the point of view of the location of our dealers throughout the world as well as advice on spare parts, etc.

Please address enquiries under all the above headings to
The Rover Co., Ltd.,
Service Department,

Additional copies of this instruction manual are available from any Rover distributor or dealer.

Telephone: SHEldon 4242.
Telegrams: Rovrepair, Solihull, England

Telex: 33-156.