Engine, overdrive
air cleaner
Borg-Warner automatic transmission and power steering reservoir Gearbox only, rear axle, steering box and ball swivel pins Front hubs and propeller shaft. Rear spring and front torsion bar grease sleeves
B.P. Energol SAE
Energol ATF Type A Energol SAE 90 EP Energrease L2
Castrol Castrolite Castrol TQ Castrol Hypoy Castrolease LM
Duckham's Duckham's NOL Twenty Duckham's Nolmatic ATF Type A Duckham's Hypoid 90 Duckham's LB 10 Grease
Esso Esso Extra Motor Oil 20W/30 Esso AutomaticTransmission Fluid Esso Gear Oil GP 90 Esso Multi- purpose Grease H
Mobil Mobiloil Arctic Mobil Fluid 200 Mobilube GX 90 Mobilgrease MP
Advanced Havoline 20W Texamatic Fluid Universal Thuban 90 Marfak Multipurpose 2

Shell X100 20W

Shell Donax T6 Spirax 90 Retinax A


Lubrication and maintenance are necessary to keep any car in good mechanical condition. All the items which require regular or occasional maintenance as detailed in the Maintenance Schedule Book are shown on the following pages in terms of mileage which would apply in a temperate climate under clean working conditions. Climatic and operating conditions affect maintenance intervals to a large extent; in many eases, therefore, the determination of such intervals must be left to the good judgment of the owner, but the recommendations will serve as a firm basis for maintenance work.

In addition, the following notes concerning more frequent attention to certain important lubrication points should be read carefully.

Under adverse conditions, such as driving over dusty roads or where short runs are made in cold weather, the first must be earlier and subsequent oil changes must be more frequent.

Air cleaner.
When the car is driven over dusty roads,attention must be more frequent.

Propeller shafts.
Under tropical or severe conditions, particularly where sand is encountered, the sliding joint must be lubricated very frequently to prevent ingress of abrasive materials.

Use only Rover recommended lubricants. After exhaustive tests the recommended lubricants have been found pre-eminently suitable for Rover cars and should be used whenever possible in the grades specified. When ordering oil, the correct grade, as well as the make, should be clearly stated.

Recommended lubricants
The Rover Company attaches very great importance to the nature of the lubricants used in its products and therefore maintains tests of those which it recommends.
Because of the extensive nature of these tests they cannot be carried out upon more than a strictly limited nui2nber of different makes. Consequently The Rover Company currently confines its recommendations to those set out below.
Should for any reason such lubricants not be available in certain overseas territories, the Rover distributor or dealer for that territory will obtain specific guidance from The Rover Company, or owners may communicate with the Company where they so wish.

The attention of owners is drawn to the fact that the use of lubricants other than those recommended could in certain circumstances affect the settlement of claims put forward under the terms of the Company's guarantee.
No lubricants of other makes, grades or types are currently recommended.
Multigrade oils, produced by the makers of the lubricants listed below, are also approved for the range of S.A.E. grades that they cover,

Oil additives

The oils selected for engine, gearbox and axle, etc., on the Rover Car are complete in themselves and afford every protection. A warning is necessary against the use of anti-friction additives or other products in these units; as in certain circumstances these might materially impair the character of the lubricant in use.

Recommended lubricants
These recommendations apply to temperate climates where operational temperatures may vary between approximately 10~F (-12~C) and 90'F (32'c).
Information on recommended lttbricants for use under extreme winter or tropical conditions can be obtained from The Rover co. Ltd., Technical Service Department, or your local Distributor or Dealer.