The Workshop Tools described in this booklet have been specially designed to facilitate service work on Rover Cars and Land-Rovers.

Certain of them are considered essential to undertake the work in hand, either to ensure that the operation is carried out correctly or to prevent the possibility of personal injury to the operator. See symbols below.

Other tools, while not absolutely essential, are definitely desirable to facilitate repair work or to reduce the time involved. In this connection, it must be borne in mind that the sequence of operations in Workshop Manuals and other instructional literature assumes that all the tools are available. Repair times quoted in other Rover publications are based on the same assumption.

All the tools listed may be ordered from the Rover Parts Department or through any Rover distributor or dealer.

Symbols used in the text:
*=Essential, must be used when carrying out the particular operation illustrated.
+=Advantageous, these tools will help to give more efficient service when dealing with the operations illustrated.
#=Required when volume of work justifies use.

Abbreviations used in the text:
L-R: Land-Rover. All models unless otherwise stated.
Car: All models from 1948-'60', '75', '90', '105S', '105R', '105', '80' and '100'
3 Litre: 3 Litre cars, manual and automatic transmission unless otherwise stated,
B-W: Borg-Warner Automatic Transmission.



Engine and Fuel system, Petrol models
Engine and Fuel system, Diesel models
Clutch and Gearbox
Rear Axle
Front Suspension, Steering and Tyres
Body and Optional Equipment
Standard Workshop Tools and Special Tools for Borg-Warner Automatic Transmission