Body and Optional Equipment
Insertion tool, window filler strip *

Essential for fitting weather filler strip, combines a handle projection for strip removal.

1949-51 L-R Station Wagon
1948 onwards L-R Hard Top
1954 onwards L-R Station Wagon
Part No.262771

Spanner for locking door handle *

This spanner is essential when fitting or removing the private lock on the Land-Rover.

1954 onwards L-R
Part No. 248877

Fitting tools for backlight *

The complete set is essential for backlight fitting on the Rover Car.

1955 onwards Car
Part Nos.
A 314322 (1)
B 314029 (3)
C 314371 (2)
D 314385 (1)

Pop rivet pliers *

Essential when fitting chrome trim wings on Cars strips to doors and and 3 Litre models.

1958 onwards Car
3 Litre
Part No. 501264

Body repair kit #

The kit is designed for the repair of the Birmabright panels used extensively on the Car and Land-Rover range.

1948 onwards L-R
1950 onwards Car
Part No. 314000 supplied complete with electric paddle

Assembly sleeve for hydraulic winch *

Essential when rebuilding hydraulic gear, motors or pumps, to avoid damage to oil seals.

1960 onwards L-R with hydraulic winch
Part No. 515743

Fig. 90. Filler strip tool

Fig. 91. Door handle spanner

Fig. 92. Backlight clips

Fig. 93. Pop rivet pliers

Fig. 94.
Body repair kit

Fig. 95. Assembly sleeve