The Club had its beginnings over 20 years ago when a group of enthusiasts met to form a group for social, self help, and parts supply. From these simple beginnings we have grown to a membership of 30 plus. Model ownership amongst our Club members ranges from an immaculate P3, through P4, P5, P6, to SD1, and several later models. Like other Rover Clubs we also welcome Land Rover enquiries. We own our Clubrooms sited at thePigeon Valley Steam Museum, Wakefield and these

are quite extensive with kitchen facilities, a meeting room and large garaging for cars, spare parts and workshops and a small museum. The theme of the Clubrooms is an early service station and to this end we have a display of vintage petrol pumps which set the atmosphere. We send parts throughout NZ from a range covering P3 through P4, 5, 6, to SD1. Panels, glass, engines, gearboxes the range is extensive with some being new unused stock. We have manufactured, in cast bronze, a replica (exact copy) with approval from Rover, of the Viking Head which adorns the front of the P4 bonnet. These are available for $35 plus postage and packing and are suitable for mounting as a replacement, on a badge bar or similar, or mounting on a plinth as a desk ornament. Our meeting is the first Sunday in each month, at the Clubrooms and all are welcome to attend. From time to time we arrange social outings. An annual show day Classic & Collectables is hosted at our rooms the first Sunday in May when all the local Clubs arrive for a display and social get together, usually well over a hundred cars. At Easter 2002 we'll be the hosts for the annual Rover Car Clubs National Rally.


Chairman: Adrian Chandler

Secretary:  Chris Clark ph (03) 5479363

Parts Manager: Gavin Hill     ph (03) 5487044