1. The name of the Club shall be "The Rover Car Club (Auckland) Incorporated".

The Registered. Office shall be at such place or places as the Executive shall from time to time determine.

The objects of the Club are:-
(a) To promote the sport and pastime of motoring in all its branches, and in particular, to further the interests of and drivers of Rover Vehicles.
(b) To: organise, promote and hold motorcar competitions, trials and other similar events whether athletic, motoring, or otherwise:
to offer prizes and. awards in respect thereof and to make such arrangements as may be determined for any such purpose.
(c) To assist owners of Rover Vehicles with the service and maintenance of their cars by means of service bulletins and other technical data howsoever distributed or communicated.

(a) That the Club shall have the power to do all acts and all things necessary for the furtherance of its objects or any one of them and. in particular may exercise the following powers and objects.
(b) That the Club may have headquarters, clubrooms and other facilities at such place or places as will from time to time be determined..
(c) That the Club may for any of its objects, borrow or raise money and for the purpose of securing the repayment thereof may charge all or any of its real or personal property.
(d) That the Club may purchase, lease, erect, maintain, improve or alter any buildings as it may require to on such terms as it may think fit.
(e) That the Club may invest and. deal with the funds of the Club upon such securities. or in such a manner and upon terms and conditions as it sees fit.
(f) That the Club may sell, lease, mortgage or exchange or deal with all or any of the real or personal property of the Club.
(g) That the Club may subscribe to, or apply for or purchase shares securities or debentures in any Company or other corporation or Society.
(h) That the Club may print publish or sell any newspapers, journals, periodicals, books, bulletins, leaflets, or other literature that may from time to time be deemed desirable for the promotion of any object or objects of the Club.

There shall be one class of membership of the Club; being all those persons who have been elected pursuant to the rules of membership of the Club.


Each applicant for membership must complete and. sign the prescribed form of application for membership. The prescribed form shall be in such form as the Executive shall from time to time determine.

Membership of the Club shall be open to those persons who own or have an interest in Rover vehicles and the husbands and wives of such persons and those who are, in the opinion of the Executive of the Club suitable persons to be members of the Club.

The rates of subscriptions shall be determined from time to time by decision of an Annual General or Special General Meeting of the Club. Annual subscriptions shall be payable IN ADVANCE on the 1st April each year and all persons who are members for part of any on year, must the full subscription for that rear.

At the next meeting the Club after the receipt of a completed and signed application for membership form, together with the appropriate subscription payment, application may be considered; the Executive of the Club may call for any further information necessary to assist in making a decision on the application.

a) Each member on joining the Club shall be issued with a copy of these rules.

b) The member shall be held to consent to and be bound by the Rules of the Club, and. the decision of the Executive on the interpretation of the Rules or in regard to anything done or suffered thereunder shall be final and conclusive.

(a) Any member may discontinue his membership upon delivering to the Secretary, notice in writing of his intention to do so and upon paying all fees, subscriptions and any other monies payable by him up to the date of such notice, and thereupon such member shall cease to be a member.

(b) Any member being over 5 months in arrears with his subscription or any other monies payable by him to the Club, shall be deemed liable to have his membership cancelled by the Executive but the member shall not be discharged from liability for any arrears or monies due at the time of such cancellation.

The Financial Year of the Club shall be deemed to commence on April 1st of each year and. to terminate on March 51st of the following year.

(a) On complaint made in. writing by one or more financial members of the Club and. signed by each of the said members and. containing details of conduct or activities of any other member of the Club that are injurious to the welfare or character of the Glut or that are contrary to any of the Rules of the Club, addressed to the Secretary of the Club, the Executive shall be bound to make the fullest investigations of any such complaint and. if necessary call upon the complainant to supply further details of such misconduct or activities.

(b) If the Executive shall be satisfied that the grounds for such complaint are bonafide, then it shall give such notice to such member in writing, which shall contain full particulars of the activities or conduct complained of and shall summon; the member to attend a meeting of the Executive, to be held not less than fourteen clear days from the date of posting the letter. The notice shall notify the member of the time, date and place of the meeting and further advise him of his rights under this rule.

(c) At the meeting of the Executive at which the complaint is heard the complainant must attend and substantiate and prove his case and the member against whom the complaint is made may attend an may be represented by an advocate and, in either case, be must be heard in his defense.

(d) Failure by the Executive to act in the manner prescribed on any complaint in writing within twenty eight days of the meeting of the Executive next following the receipt of the letter of complaint by the Secretary of the Club shall preclude the Executive from taking any further action on the complaint.

(e) Whenever any action shall be taken on any complaint or complain:
under this rule, no further action shall be taken where the same ground or grounds shall appear in a subsequent complaint.

(f) If the Executive shall resolve by a majority vote of three quarters of the members present at such a meeting, that any member be guilty of any such conduct or activities, then the Executive by a like majority shall be empowered to admonish, fire, suspend or expel such member or exercise any one or more of the powers.


The Executive of the Club shall consist of a President, Secretary, Treasurer and at least three other financial members, except that the positions of Secretary and Treasurer may be held by one person. A quorum of the Executive shall consist of four persons present. The Executive shall be elected by the majority of the members present at the Annual General Meeting.


The Executive shall control the entire management of the Club an the control of its property and funds. The Executive is also empowered on behalf of the Club to do, execute and carry out all the matters and things which the Club authorised to do, execute and carry out under Rule Four (4).


(a) The Annual General Meeting of the Club shall be held. at such a place and at such a time as the Executive shall direct and Special and/or General Meetings at such a time and place as the Executive may appoint.

(b) At all General Meetings or Special Meetings of the Club, ten (10) financial members personally present shall form a quorum. Such meetings to be chaired by the President, or in his absence, any member so elected at that meeting by other members present.

(c) The Secretary is to provide an agenda for all meetings, covering matters to be discussed. Special General Meetings shall only discus that matter/s for which the meeting was specifically called.


(a) Fourteen clear days notice in writing shall be given of all Annual or Special General Meetings and of the business to be transacted thereat.

(b) At General Meetings all Financial Members personally present shall be by show of hands be entitled to vote, unless a ballot be demanded. The Chairman, in all cases of equal voting, shall bay a casting vote as well as a deliberate one.

(c) On a request in writing signed by ten (10) Financial Members of the Club being delivered to the Secretary, or on his being directed to do so by the Executive or the President, the Secretary shall call a Special General Meeting.


The Club shall have a COMMON SEAL, which shall be kept in the custody of the Secretary and which shall only be affixed to any Documents in pursuance of a Resolution of the Executive and in
the presence of the Secretary and one other member of the


No member shall receive any profit or emolument from the Club.


This constitution may only be altered or added to by the decision of a three quarters majority of financial members present and Voting at any general Meeting. Notice of Motion must be given in accordance with Rule Seventeen (17).


If any General Meeting shall resolve that the Club be wound up, a further Special Meeting shall be called and. held, not earlier than thirty (30) days after the day of the Meeting at which the Resolution was passed to discuss the confirmation of such resolution. If the Resolution shall be confirmed at such further meeting, a Liquidator shall be appointed by the meeting. Such Liquidator shall dispose of all the assets of the Club and after payment of all costs, debts and liabilities, shall pay the surplus, if any, to such Clubs having kindred objects to this Club, on such basis as may be determined. by the Special General Meeting at which the Resolution was carried to wind up the Club. No member of this Club shall personally participate in the distribution of the surplus on winding up, save that the Liquidator who may be a member of the Club, shall be entitled to be reimbursed for reasonable costs and disbursements incurred by him in relation to the winding up.